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2011 Vidal Icewine

Tasting Notes:

A bright, alluring, golden colour hints at the elegance of this Icewine. A taste reveals its full opulence,­lling the palate with an explosion of peach, apricot and lychees. The fruit driven sweetness is supported with well-balanced acidity and lavish, lingering heat. Fantastic with fruit salad, creme caramel, blue cheese, or simply on its own after a Beautiful meal.

Production Notes:

This unique treasure was harvested between mid to late January at -10 degrees with an average sugar of 38.5 oBrix. The juice was seeded with a variety of specialized yeasts such as EC1118, DV10 and V1116 and fermented in a stainless steel tank over a period of approximately 6 weeks at 12oC to 200 g/L residual sugar. Post fermentation, the wine was racked off gross lees and protein stabilized prior to sterile filtration.

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Min order 12 bottles/ case.

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