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2003 Peace – Pinot Noir Icewine

A classic, made from certified organic grapes, this rare style of red icewine makes an ideal digestif, with rich aromas of strawberry confit, honey, rhubarb crisp and dried apricots, with very subtle hints of smokey slate – a product of Summerhill’s terroir. On the palate, the thick, rich texture supports flavours of dried berries, white pepper and candied apple with a lusciously sweet, lingering finish. Serve this wine well chilled with strawberry shortcake, fruit platters, cheese, on its own or over chocolate iced cream.


- Fermented for 13 days
- Volume: 375 ml
- Alcohol: 10%Alc./vol.
- Sweetness Code: 9
- Grapes: 100% Pinot Noir
Ideal with chocolate!

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Same day shipping.

Min order 12 bottles/ case. Door to door.

Please provide ID card front and back as well as Tel, China Customs will do certification.

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