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New...  Raintree online store New arrivals!!! Italian Chic Bags don't miss out 10% discount

Selling:Raintree is in strong position in supplying ferroalloys:

                    FeW, APT, BTO, YTO.FeCr LC  FeP,  as well as ,Pb ingot,Si metals,Sb ingot,Mg ingot,Mn metals flakes,Pb ingot,Si metals,Sb ingot,Mg ingot,Mn metals flakes

Buying:Raintree is sourcing  some metals (alloys) scrap:

                    W metal scrap, Mo metal scrap, Ni / Co metals, and below

- Ti scrap :Ti solid / turning for FeTi production (such as Ti 6-4 Turnings, CP Ti, Ti 8-1-1 solids)
- Pb scrap : PbSb alloys (Sb 10%max), Pb dross, Pb paste, Pb grids / drained / undrained battery scraps.
- Cu (alloys) scrap