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Raintree International Trade Co. is fully registered and operated in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for over fifteen years. We specialize in Ferroalloys, Ores, and also acting as import-agency dealing with food additives.

Raintree International Trade Co. has been working closely with top-ranked logistics, such as  UPS, FedEx, CSA for the arrangement of pickup and delivery to door services within Canada. We collaborate with clearit.ca for import clearance and generate revenue for Canada.

Our goals are also to provide you with such an opportunity to trade with us for

+ Minerals: Manganese Ore, Chrome Ore, Iron Ore, Niobium Ore, Copper Ore and all others as professional buying agency/mandate. 


+Ferroalloys, Graphite Electrode made in China as a professional  factory selling agency/ mandate

  1. Nitried Ferrochrome: Cr 60-65%, N 8-10%, C 0.10% max, Si 1.2% max, P: 0.04% max S 0.03% max,              
  2. Graphite Electrode: UHP, HP, PR made in SINOSTEEL.Fangda, Muzi Group.China 
  • Others: Graphite Powder, Graphite Paste, Graphite  Scrap, Graphite block, and Calcined Petroleum made in  Dongsheng, China

+ Mining Essential Products  made in China as a professional factory direct selling agency/mandate

           1. Hydrautic Trolley Drill Pipes and Bits series

                    2. Hydrautic Trolley Rods series

                    3. Pneumatic Rock Drill Bits series

                    4. DTH Drill Bits series







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New...  Raintree online store open!!!don't miss out 10% discount

Look for Vanadium-Titanium Magnetite Iron Ore made in South Africa   

Looking for Zinc Concentrate made in Canada for end-user on a long-term base.